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November 20, 2019 Bhavin Patel

Entrepreneurship is not easy. You may feel satisfied with being able to do what you always wanted, but no one knows how many efforts you have put and how many sacrifices you have made to keep your passion your priority. In this competitive era, you need to come out of the shell if you want to keep your business on the top.

Here, ‘coming out of the shell’ means to showcase your products, services, visions, and talent on the global level. Well, for that, you should undoubtedly present your business as a brand on the Internet. After all, what else can be the better platform than that? So, being an ultimate website development company, we can help you to achieve your goal within no time!

If you have even the slightest doubt about how making a new website can help your business to grow, this small article is for you. Here you will first find a few logical reasons to associate with the best website design company as soon as possible. Then, you will discover how our company works to help the clients to grow their business or profession. Let’s start with the basics.

Why is a Good Website Design Company an Asset for You?

  • It connects you with more people every day and understands that your website is two-way communication. A good website development company ensures that you can talk to your audience to know them and their needs better.
  • It firstly built, then improve, and lastly maintain your good reputation in the market. It makes sure that people know about you and what you are offering through your website. 
  • Your website is ideally a testimony of your work and capabilities. A website design company helps you converting your best leads into the business. After all, it knows better about your target audience and potential customers. 
  • When it comes to business, it is said that you have to stay in front of one’s sight to remain in one’s mind. The best web design firm makes sure that people keep visiting your website, and the organic traffic increases day by day. 
  • In this era of smartphones, any website is not ‘best’ until and unless it is mobile-friendly. A talented web development company helps you to create a useful website that can be operated on the computer as well as smartphones. It works magically on the numbers of reach.

Importance of Web Development Companies (A gateway to your business)

We deliver high notch technical solutions through our years of experience and technical skills in software development

As you already know, it is essential to keep a website less complicated and easily accessible. This way, the visitors will get the information quickly and revisit your site in the future to purchase whatever you are offering. You may want to develop a website for branding, selling, ROI, or maintaining relations with customers. If you invest in a reliable website, your business will surely get advantages the way you have never imagined.

Site Map

It is always recommended to make a structure of your website so that visitors find it easily accessible. It includes various layouts of your webpage, contents, graphics, and navigation. As this is the technical stuff, it’s better to involve the website professionals.


A website developing company can help you decide the type of content you will need. We can also guide you on how you should present it online using appropriate and SEO friendly keywords. We know exactly how to encourage customers to come or visit again.

Laws and Compliance

There are specific rules we all have to follow for online marketing. Being a web design company, we know about the necessary information to put on your website, such as your business registration number, registered office address, place of registration, etc.

Technical Support

Several technical issues can be taken care of with the use of web development tools such as Sublime Text, Saas, GitHub, and many more. Also, there are browsers, displays, or downloading issues that can only be solved by professionals.

Media Support

If your website takes too much time to load webpages or rich media such as animation or videos, it will create a negative impact on your search results. Web designing companies like us can help you to maintain the predetermined speed and media support.

Even after discussing these many points, there is still a lot of stuff left that your website requires to attract customers. We know and understand how much you have put to attain this success. We just want to add a bit in it and become an irresistible part of your business. Invest in a good website making company, and we are sure that there will be no looking back. 🙂

November 19, 2019 Bhavin Patel

As the name suggests, a Web Developer is associated with web development activities such as designing websites, developing applications, using different programming languages, and applying various web technologies. Web Developers also involve in managing site functionality i.e., website management services, implementing all the decided features, and integration of security measures. They help their clients in protecting their data from virus attack, damage, or unauthorized access.

If you go in more detail, you will get to know that they also expertise in object-oriented programming i.e., containing the data in the form of fields and/or in the form of procedure. They can also develop software for various platforms, popularly known as multi-platform development. Along with all these tasks, you can also find them developing web applications. Web development is a vast field, and a Web Developer is a very talented human, who is focused, hard-working, and a multi-tasker.

Web Development Specializations

Web Developers are the blend of creative vision with project management skills. They mainly specialize in one of the two tracks – ‘Front End Development’ or ‘Back End Development.’ Some developers are interested in showing their skills in both Front End and Back End Development. Thus, they are called ‘Full Stack Developers.’

Front End Development (also known as ‘Client-Side Development’) involves the usage of a variety of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, and more. They built the exterior look and essential features of the site. On the contrary, Back End Development involves the usage of programming languages such as PYTHON and RUBY. 

Steps to Become a Web Developer

  1. Choose a development specialization 
  2. Get an education 
  3. Develop technical knowledge 
  4. Practice your coding skills 
  5. Launch an online portfolio

Where to Learn Web Developer Skills?

  • Coding Bootcamps 
  • Online Coding Tutorials 
  • Online Coding Courses 

These are the three most common platforms where anyone, no matter from which background he/she belongs, can learn the coding and get a fulfilling career path in the field of web developers.

Come Out From Your Comfort Zone

If you wish to pursue a successful career in the web development field, you need to conquer some underlying fears and stay away from the myths. Always remember;

  • Learning necessary coding will surely take you months, but not years. You can do it.
  • High-level math isn’t that important as you think. Don’t think much and just apply. You got this!
  • Even if you don’t have a college degree, then also you can achieve success in this field with your passion and hard work. 

How Much a Web Developer Can Earn

According to the statistics provided by the ‘Indeed’ (an online platform for job seekers and recruiters), the salary of the entry-level of a Front Web Developer is 61,612 USD per year. After three years of experience, a mid-level developer earns approx. 108,409 USD p.a., and above that, a senior-level developer can make on an average of 128,148 USD per annum. 

These pay ranges and salaries may vary according to the location, demand of developers, experience, and expertise in their required field. The need for Web Developers in this tech-oriented world is never-ending, and we humans are now caged in the world full of tech apps that make our lives easy.

How is a Web Designer Different than the Web Developer

Most of the people are confused between a web developer and a web designer. Some students may even risk their career choosing the wrong one, without getting the difference between these similar-looking but different fields. Here, we have already discussed Web Developers. The following paragraph is just to give a basic idea of what a Web Designer does as a professional.

Web Designer is responsible for designing the layout, visual appearance, and usability of the website. They have both – creative graphic skills as well as technical skills. They visualize how the content and website will look and how it will function? To become a web designer, one should know various designer packages such as – Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, etc. and lots more.


That’s it for now! We hope you got all the necessary information you were looking for! If you are a student and want to pursue a career as a Web Developer, you are on the right track. Just follow your instincts, work on your passion, stay focused, and learn. We wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

Application modernization
January 8, 2019 Bhavin Patel

What’s Old Is New Again!

In this internet-dominated world, where technology is evolving rapidly, legacy applications can be proven to be risky for the organization, slowing down their growth and stopping them for achieving a competitive edge. This centralized monolithic legacy application can be burdensome to maintain whilst consuming a lot of the IT budget.

Keeping legacy applications running efficiently can be a resource-intensive and time-consuming process, especially when the software becomes so obsolete that it is no more compatible with the latest versions of OS and system hardware.

Undoubtedly, they have a reason to modernize their legacy app and stay abreast with emerging technology trends. Listed below are a few reasons why enterprises must modernize their legacy applications.

  • Poorer system performance
  • High maintenance costs
  • Older architecture
  • Slow down in the product lifecycle

Application modernization enables businesses to transform their legacy applications to become more productive, mobile, efficient and agile. These needs to modernize their app in order to improve their market competitiveness, future-proof their technology investments and curb the revenue loss from these aging apps.

What is Application Modernization?

It is a method of aligning the stacks of the legacy application with the present business and functionality requirements. It involves re-architecting or refactoring the legacy application to better react to market changes, present business needs and data-driven decision making. Its main goal is to enhance or replace the business functionality of the core system.

The two of the major driving aspects for the organizations to board the application modernization journey is – productivity enhancement and cost reduction.

Application Modernization Roadmap

A successful application modernization path is designed to choose the right technology stack and the right approach without disturbing the existing business process.

  1. Evaluate Application Portfolio

Assess application usage, existing legacy environment, data types and interdependencies and determine how it aligns with the present business objectives.

  • Evaluate and Select The Right Strategy

To ensure to achieve the required business outcome, assess several options and select the optimal combination of tools, techniques, solutions and efforts.

  • Evaluate Expense, Effort & Time

Determine various options for application modernization driven by your business objectives and application assessment.

Application Modernization Approach & Options

  1. Re-host

Commonly known as “lift and shift” approach, it involves moving the underlying resources of your application to the cloud. In this model, the infrastructure is migrated to cloud IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) while keeping codebase of the application same. Though this might be the easiest approach, it leaves the application as it is.

  • Re-factor

In this approach, codebase mostly remains the same while it is migrated to cloud IaaS, including cloud-based storage, compute and network resources. Developers can reuse languages, containers and frameworks, thus leveraging the strategic code of the company.

  • Re-architect

As per the micro services model, the legacy monolithic application is re-architected, containerizing them and use modern DevOps practices.  It involves dividing the application into a set of services that can be built, managed and deployed independently.

This offers several benefits like, reduces costs, enhanced customer experience, business agility and fast response time. Technology leveraged includes microservices, containerization, serverless, modern DevOps practices and cloud-provided (PaaS).

  • Rebuild

In this approach, the legacy application is rewritten as a cloud-native application. It helps in reducing overall operational costs, release value faster and accelerate innovation. You’ll be surprised to know that with the advancement in technology, languages, frameworks, etc., the efforts required to rebuild the legacy application today are far less than what required in building the legacy application.

  • Replace

If your legacy application still has some useful functionality, you can replace it with a more agile cloud-based solution. Using the SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution offers several benefits like:

  • Cost savings
    • Better security
    • Allows you to use the latest version without the need for updates

Application Modernization Trends

The most popular application modernization trend is containers. It is a software-defined environment that contains tools, code, libraries required to operate. Containers make certain that the application runs securely and smoothly, regardless of the environment. These containers can be easily managed by cloud-native platforms such as Kubernetes. It is widely used to manage containerized services and workloads.

Microservices along with containers help businesses in streamlining the process of application modernization by alleviating interdependencies and making the applications more agile and flexible.


An updated application empowers your organization to build new services and processes that add value to the customers with a more user-friendly interface. Application modernization allows your business to take advantage of the latest technologies and Exemplar Technologies team is well-equipped to provide consulting and engineering to give your business a competitive edge.To start your application modernization journey, get in touch with us at +91 953-762-4454 and learn how we can speed up your business processes.